Most Popular Movie and TV Show Streaming Websites of 2019

1 - SolarMovie

The website is ultimately free, this means everyone can enjoy all of the content that they upload to this website. 30 genres are available as categories in this movie, this is done so that you can really find what you are looking for.

Anti-piracy groups have been on an intense hunt on this website, but don’t worry with that, they keep on changing their domain so that you can safely navigate and enjoy their movies.

There are ads around the website, but for a website that offers this kind of service, you don’t need to notice the annoying ads around.

They have this very powerful engine that is perfectly paired with their huge database with movies that you can search around with many categories. The movies are also labeled well, so there is not much of a confusion around when looking for the right one.

Key Features:

  • Biggest database of movies

  • Powerful engine

  • Can navigate up to 30 genres

2 - PopcornFlix

The movies found on this website are organized well too, thanks to Screen Media, the movies here are updated movies and you can scan through their huge collection of films and shows. To make it easier for all of the users, they can also choose to look for the movies that they want using their genre, actors, name and more. There are no ads on this website, which makes the whole website experience very clean.

Key Features:

  • No ads

  • Huge database of films and shows

  • In partnership with Screen Media

3 - YesMovies

One notable feature of YesMovies is that they do classify their movies in a very sorted way. The website is so simple that you will not have a hard time understanding its interface. You can just type in the movie that you want and it will pop out. Also, if you want to look for another movie or TV shows in a categorized manner, you can do so. You can categorize them by their genre; action, thriller, comedy, romance.

No matter if it is a popular or a not-so-popular show, it will be there in YesMovies. They even have a way on you can look for the movies based on their ratings coming from IMDB. The top movies and featured movies of the day are also displayed when you want it to. If you would want to check out shows like documentaries, sports, animated or adult, it is also found in YesMovies. A mailing list can also be subscribed so that you can also be updated in your emails. A good PutLocker alternative with a very simple design.

Key Features:

  • Mailing List

  • Simple Design

  • Good Categorization System

4 -

This is a brandy movie streaming site, quite synonymous with the former 123Movies website. Apart from the name, All123Movies shares nothing more akin to 123Movies. This website mainly deals in TV series and movies only. Its collections are well categorized by genre for easy access.

The user interface also features a search tab alongside other content filtration features. You can also save your favorites using the bookmark function. Movies and TV series on this platform also have viewer statistics. This feature helps you evaluate and choose on trending varieties. All123Movies is also frequently updated with the latest movies and TV series. You can therefore be sure to find nothing but the latest collections from this platform.

Key Features:

  • A wide collection of Movie and TV series

  • All contents are available on HD. Other quality options are also available.

  • Updated routinely

  • No ads

5 - WatchMoviesFree

A simple website with a good layout. Does not need much learning to do when trying to navigate in this website. This has a neat layout and design with it, so you will be able to easily be familiar with the website. They also show out the description of the movie, with this, you will be able to know a brief introduction of the thing that you are going to watch.

The homepage gives out the movies that are on the hit during these days. This feature is not found on most of the streaming websites mentioned in this list. They even give out classifications based on their IMDB ratings and reviews. All of their contents are served through third-party sites, they do not have their own hosting service.

Key Features:

  • Shows movies in their homepage

  • Simple layout

  • Do not host any of the servers

6 - GoMovies

If you have loved using 123movies, then this one is not difficult to love too. Their interfaces are almost the same with each other. The movies and TV series that are found on one of those websites are found in the other too. Most of the films that are found here are available in full high definition, watch all of the content here in full screen.

Key Features:

  • Similar to 123movies

  • Has many high definition contents

  • Updated every day

7 - FMovies

One of the most amazing streaming sites out there, simply because it has gained quick popularity over the years. A very good reason that it turned out to be like that is just that of how they give out quality service to all of their users. This site gives out to all of their users up to the point they seldom get blocked in some major websites because of piracy reasons. They do not care about losing reputation to some websites as long as they give out good service to all of the users.

They have thousands and thousands of good quality movies and TV series that you can binge on whenever you like. Just be wise on choosing the domains that they will be giving to you. All of the movies found on this website can be streamed in a high-quality resolution. If you are pretty much satisfied with all of their services, especially on the quality of the videos, you may choose to download them so that you could savor them offline for later. They even have those old movies that you loved before.

Key Features:

  • Can download movies

  • Has a huge database

  • Even has those old movies from the past

  • All of them are high definition

8 - Niter

Niter has good movies with good quality during streaming and gives out a simple and aesthetic layout. The layout that it has is so simple but then looks so professional and stunning. You might want to compare its layout from Netflix, which has a really good layout compared to the others. Once you are on this website, pretty sure you will not be wanting to look for other websites, thanks to its layout.

The dark theme of this website is one huge factor on why it really looks good to the eye. It is not that distracting and annoying so that users can focus on choosing the right movie that they need to watch. Filtering by the movie’s year and genre is also an option that is available when wanting to look for a certain movie. It has a good streaming speed and you can also watch their movies in full screen, high definition.

Key Features:

  • Good layout almost similar to Netflix

  • No ads

  • Good streaming speed and high definition movies

9 - Hulu

One of the longest-running streaming websites found on the internet. When you were looking for something before, you probably have encountered Hulu, but then did not decide to proceed. It is because of their small monthly fee. It is almost similar to Netflix, but at a lesser cost. It is a safe and reliable source of movies and TV shows. They even have some exclusive content that you will only find in Hulu.

Hulu also works well on Android and iOS. But not just limited to those two, Hulu works really good on most of the platforms out there too, even on Chromecast. And if you get bored watching movies and TV series, you can choose to watch live and on-demand TV channels that present entertainment, news, and sports. If you do not want to have the plan that you have purchased, you may also choose to try Hulu for a limited time too!

Key Features:

  • Has monthly fees

  • Can watch live TV

  • Has exclusive, quick, good content

10 - Amazon Prime

A premium website feels with absolutely premium content to offer.  Similar to Hulu, Amazon Prime is also a paid platform on where you can watch movies and TV series. The type of service it offers is almost as similar as for how Netflix gives service to all of its users. One thing is for sure, subscribing here is way cheaper than subscribing to an actual TV service provider.

Prime Membership is also available in Amazon Prime, it is where you can get premium and exclusive original content. You can get a couple of benefits and perks too when you want to purchase something in the Amazon store. Subscribing to the Prime Membership will give you the eligibility to listen to music ad-free. Web or app, it doesn’t matter at all, enjoys all of their services as much as you want.

Key Features:

  • Needs to pay monthly

  • Has Prime Membership feature

  • Has exclusive original content inside

11 - Putlocker

Putlocker is a popular online movie download destination. It has the largest single collection of the latest movies and oldies too. You think of any movie genre or category, Putlocker has it. And it even offers more than you’d asked for. So there’s no doubting its popularity on matters quality movies.

Key Features:

  • Big database of movies

  • Popular alternative

  • Professional layout